IS-BAO Auditing

“IS-BAO is a code of best practice. It was developed by the industry for the benefit of the industry. IS-BAO is intended to build upon the excellent safety record already established by business aviation.” – IS-BAO website



The CAP Aviation Consulting Group provides IS-BAO and ISO auditing services. These services have been utilized to identify risk factors that could increase liability exposure to aircraft manufacturers, operators and insurance groups.

While risk is inherent in any aviation operation, with certain changes and adjustments to training philosophies and operating procedures much of this risk can be reduced. Many of these changes have been implemented at most of the U.S. Major and Regional Airlines, supporting the premise that these changes are the mitigating factors for the steady decline in incidents, accidents and fatalities in this segment of the aviation industry.

According to IS-BAO philosophies, a Safety Management System (SMS) expands on a traditional safety program. In addition to using data to make decisions, a SMS adds processes and procedures to identify hazards and risks in advance, develop mitigation, and then track actions as a quality assurance measure. Most importantly, a SMS involves a commitment to establish a proactive safety culture in an organization. Large and small operators using IS-BAO principles engage in a continuous auditing program.

The IS-BAO and ISO audit procedures have been developed to ensure Safety Management and Quality Management standards are met and therefore promoting maximum efficiencies in individual flight departments, training curriculums and organizations.

CAPACG provides third-party IS-BAO audits to obtain a Certificate of Registration from the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) Standards Board.